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Free Pissin'

It was Thursday and it had been a long day for Randy. All he wanted to do was go to the bar and enjoy a few (dozen) cold beers. Get his mind off his troubles for awhile.

As he walked towards his favorite place, Sidney's, straight into the sun, the headache he woke up with that morning got worse and worse. He wanted so badly to be in a good mood, and feel that mood get even better, the closer he got to the holiday weekend. But, like his dearly departed dad always said "trying to squeeze out a good mood is just like squeezing out a fart. Sometimes you get what you're going for, and sometimes you get pants full of shit." He laughed thinking about this, which actually did help his mood a bit. Thanks, dad.

His lightened spirits quickly took a nose dive again as his mind got sucked back into the shittery of his day. Of his whole past month, actually. Randy wished he could just catch a break. Win the lotto or something. Move the fuck away for a bit and just sit and relax.

Almost to the bar, but not nearly close enough, Randy felt the desperate urge to take a leak. Without so much as breaking stride, or looking to see if anyone was watching him, he unzipped his fly and began pissing as he walked along. It felt good to do. It felt like a relief. Fuck it if people could see him. Fuck everyone, actually. Fuck 'em all.